If I were a University Teacher

By Dendeberia AlexandraIf I were a university teacher I wouldn`t be the happiest person in the world. Of course working with students is very inspiring because they are young and full of energy, it has your brain train all the time. However, there are too many disadvantages here. The first issue is salary. To my mind, it`s really hard to become successful independent person working at university. Like other people around me I hate routine and red tape that we have in our country and university is the common place for these problems. Moreover, being a teacher you must be … Continue reading If I were a University Teacher

All the Children Are Gifted

By Maryna Pereslavtseva Nowadays we have a lot of systems in our life what should make it easier and more constructive. These systems are: education system, law system, health care system and many others. But let us focus on the educational system. This system was built to develop special skills for life in the society and to be a useful part of human’s community, so that all people are meaningful and equal. The main issue of the education system in our country is that every teacher at school tells you that you are special and you can do more, than … Continue reading All the Children Are Gifted