All the Children Are Gifted

By Maryna Pereslavtseva

Nowadays we have a lot of systems in our life what should make it easier and more constructive. These systems are: education system, law system, health care system and many others. But let us focus on the educational system. This system was built to develop special skills for life in the society and to be a useful part of human’s community, so that all people are meaningful and equal.

The main issue of the education system in our country is that every teacher at school tells you that you are special and you can do more, than you imagine, but ultimately that teacher wants every child in the class to be equal with each other, because it makes his work easier. Nobody likes difficulties. So teachers decide to kill talents in their pupils to ease their job.
Let us imagine a class, which consists of twenty-five pupils and one teacher. When children come to the first form, they all have different wishes, responsibilities, needs and solicitudes. So we have twenty-five quite different people. But during the year they have been getting a pack of new information about this world and it is real happiness if the half of the class still displays interest for the classes. It occurs because they have different motivation to get a good education and plans for future. So the main task, which was set to the teacher, was to prepare pupils to be ready to face a lots of situation in life. But to solve problems you need to have a talent to overcome obstacles and the main idea for the teacher is to back his pupils in time of need.

Once Einstein said: “Everybody is a genius. But you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” I agree with his words, because all those twenty-five pupils are like this fish and it depends only on the teacher how he will judge every person in the class and in what they will believe in the near future.

To crown it all, I should say that all children are gifted, but it depends only on you to kill their talent or to help in its development.

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