You’re telling me: Don’t ever stop,
Do always fight to see,
That things you do will bring you to
The man you want to be.

I’m sorry for not listening,
For things that I regret.
But promise you that from now on
This one I won’t forget.

We see that our lives are short,
The time is ticking fast.
And people all around the world
Forget that life is blessed.

Don’t think that you’ll have many years
To make your wish come true.
Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your days,
The moments you live through.

God gave us chance to walk, to talk,
To write, to read, to sing.
He gave us choice to make huge steps,
To be the human being.

And I will live my life today,
And treat it with respect,
I’m gonna do it in my own way,
The way I won’t regret.

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