The World of Illusions

I have a dream to be enthralled by the illusions
Without hateful glances and those minds,
And in no time I have a wish to find solutions
In fiction worlds and unexpected lies.

It stands to reason the illusion world is light,
While the reality’s a dark-filled sea,
But I would like to stand out so bright
Against the black and white that can see.

I’ll smile away vexation and all grief,
And find a world devoid of distress,
I’ll see the fighting cease and feel relief,
While floating though the heavens with no stress.

You see, I want to take a ride on level roads,
And to experience all moods, and spirits, too,
And then to get adjusted to my heavy loads,
Which I will turn into my dreams come true.

I’d love to scream aloud, “Love my life!
And love the way I live in my illusions!”
It’s great to be so childish for a while!
For love or money will I not give up confusions…


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