What’s all the fuss about the Beatles?

By Valery Oganov

The Beatles are perhaps the most remarkable band of the last fifty years or so. Ask anyone in the street if they have ever heard of them, and the answer will certainly be positive in most cases. The universal truth to be reckoned with is that the Liverpool Four are considered the most influential band of the last ten decades, if not of all time. But why all the fuss?

My opinion is not to be forced onto anyone, but rather to give an insight into the mind of the average music enthusiast.

If one takes into account the bands of the 60’s whose music was made famous to the public to some extent, it will not be difficult to conclude that all of them were not worse than the Beatles, some of them even being superior. The Beatles’ songs kept pace with the standards of the 60’s and offered the usual everyday topics, the most common being love, something that was found rather appealing by people, and they incorporated little instrumentation, which was normal at the time. So it’s not difficult to understand that part of their success was the contents of the songs in which the average listener took great pleasure. But still why all the huge popularity? To be honest, it’s beyond me. They must have just got very lucky, and that should account for their success. However overrated they’ve been all this time, anyway it’s their music that’s always been in the spotlight and influenced lots of other musicians. And God only knows where the world of music would be now if it hadn’t been for them…

I don’t understand the long-gone fad which is still in force to some extent nowadays because it’s still unreasonable, and I don’t get the drift of their songs as much as some Beatlemaniacs preach them. But then again, to each his own. Perhaps.

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