Glimpse of “tasty songs”

The greatest writer in the English history said, “Life is a stage, and we are all actors”. I find this quote to be an excellent description of human being. In my opinion, life is musical and each day is accompanied with an appropriate melody.Music makes everything better. Music is like a painter with his color palette, who can decorate any cheerless landscape and put the  roses back in woman’s pale cheeks. Music let you think about impossible things, it provides inspiration, heals broken souls and helps you like some medicine. Don’t you believe that music is all-powerful,do you?

Imagine an early winter morning.When it’s cold, dark and damp outside. You feel like covering yourself with a blanket and sleeping all day long. But let’s add some catchy music and together with a cup of coffee it will embolden you for sure. Just turn on the radio and enjoy yourself with delightful morning songs. When your bedroom is filled with Coldplay’s motivating melodies or Maroon’s 5 cheerful rhythms, your day is bound to be a perfect one.
I also believe that music can be used to relieve depression and anxiety. For example, classical and calming music can reduce pain, ease stress and promote healing. When I feel frustrated, I download piano masterpieces of such magnificent composers as Ludovico Enaudi, Ludwig Beethoven or Philip Glass and dive into the ocean of pleasure.

Each person has an individual attitude to art. But I can’t imagine my life without headphones and a list of favorite tracks. I firmly believe that music brings happiness and joy, helps learn new information, improves memory and inspires a lot. I adore “tasty songs”, and taste for music depends on mood and circumstances.

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