Co-authored by Daria Hurkova, Liana Buriak, Inna Toporina, Margarita Chorna, Lali Tavkheladze

Love. Does it exist or not? We think it does. It’s not a regular feeling, it’s something more than affection. When you take care of your beloved one, when you see him and you are all smiles, when you love and hate him at the same time. You want to stand up for him in every situation, to show him all your support and all your respect. When you are in love with somebody, you are ready to take in all the disadvantages of his character. When you and your partner understand each other on a mental level, and you feel mutual connection, it means that you have reached the highest level of relationship.

But sometimes, relationship can be taken down. And suddenly, you understand that you do not have those feelings any more. It means that you don’t fit each other, you start screaming at each other, you look at each other with hatred-filled eyes. And in the end of the relationship you can’t stand each other, and you realize that love is gone.

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