How manage to meet all the deadlines and not to drive mad

By Olga Pavlova

We live in a very intense world. A modern person must have a lot of things to do in order to satisfy his or her needs and desires. Many people simply can`t match so rapid lifestyle. They ignore any relations, forget to eat and sleep, don`t see pleasures of life and stop being sociable any more. The concentrate only on the work to do. In these cases they are so much like robots. But what are we living for?  In our world to be a succesful person one must be easy to complete doing all his or her necessary business in time. He or she must manage his or her own time. There are some simple instuctions how to make impossible and feel much better in our crasy routine world. time-management

  1. Always make a list of things to do. Every morning or evening write what you should do this or next day. Don`t write such silly things to do like “wash my face” or “say hello to old ladies at the entrance”. Always write down the time under the business and when it is over – tick it off.
  2. Stop getting distracted! You will never finish your business until you are not fully concentrated on this. If you want to have a talk with your granny and do your business – DON`T do it simultaniously, it would be better to do it one by one.
  3. Don`t take so many duties that you won`t be able to drag off! Each person has a limit of their opportunities: someone has small, someone – very impressive. Your task is to define yours!
  4. Keep order in your workplace! Even if your workplace is your own apartment, it isn’t necessary to turn it into a dump. First, excessive objects distract. Secondly, you spend much time on finding something  necessary in these blockages. Thirdly, disorder discourages and doesn’t allow you to be adjusted to a working harmony.
  5. Optimize your working process. Each business, including home keeping, is possible to simplify and reduce time for its performance if you show some sharpness.
  6. Reward yourself for success. If you make some business quickly and qualitatively, you may praise yourself with drinking tea with a tasty cake or looking through your newsfeed on Facebook or going for a walk, etc.
  7. Don`t be trampled down at one place. People suffering from perfectionism can bring themselves to hysterics searching for only clear perfection.
  8. Don’t accumulate things that you haven`t done yet. Forget the phrase: “I will do it tomorrow! Nothing will happen”. Today is today, and  you have to do all the things you have planned till midnight.

Remember that you shouldn`t sacrifice your health to fulfilling the things that must be done. Don`t forget to keep regular hours, do sports and have balanced meals. In addition to it, follow the instructiona and live a happy and succesful life. Good luck!


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