Politics and Magnetism

Polina Kuznetsova

Nowadays politics is considered one of the main topics for conversations. Personally, I have never taken much interest in political life. I seldom watch news and I barely know today’s politicians. But one thing I am concerned about is why certain people in power stand out from their colleagues and what their secret is.

To answer this question, I have chosen Barack Obama as an example of an irrefutably successful political figure. Once Americans endorsed him as a candidate for presidency. Many people are prone to regard him as a symbol of America even after he left office. As the main state representative Barack Obama is believed to have taken no actions incommensurate with people’s needs. When speaking in public, he did not misstate the facts. He avoided being involved in any kind of brouhaha and acted for the benefit of Americans. These are some points concerning his policy.

In addition, there are some key factors which make a politician successful. For example, at conferences Barack Obama is always smart-looking, friendly and open to the public. He uses body language when speaking, emphasizes the main points by intonation, his voice is loud enough. He skillfully keeps public’s attention. Moreover, he has a talent for making remarks and jokes off-the-cuff. So does he take great pains to attract the public or is it some sort of inborn magnetism which he uses skillfully? I presume it could be both.

To conclude, I suppose it is wrong to say that some politicians were born under a lucky star. It is their policy and actions through which they gain trust and support among people, not just the way they speak in public.


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