Social Brainwashes

The Internet is an endless resource of information to any taste and request. But nowadays it is filled with various killers of time, with powerful brainwashers, with so-called social media like: VK, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

All these social networks were aimed at people’s communication and were supposed to be a content of useful information. But nobody could expect that this discovery would turn into an international disease, into a worldwide epidemic. Why has it happened? Who is guilty?

You will be surprised, but the answer is as simply as ABC, – humanity. People took that heaven’s gift and transformed it into an ocean of stupid selfies, culinary book of their dinners and of course, into a pile of mirror pictures, which are “the most necessary part” to be shared with followers.

Researches at Chicago University concluded that social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes or alcohol. But why do people wish for showing their pictures to other users? What is the key of that self-disclosure communication?

Pleasure. According to science researches, the part of human brain called “striatum” is activated when a person gets credit or receives compliments. When it happens, the person feels inspired, and this process creates a good mood and raises efficiency. So, by posting an enormous number of photos, people are sinking into the flaw of narcissism and self-admiration. Displaying yourself and getting hundreds of likes stimulate the brain pleasure centers like sex and food do.

Thereby, what will you do if you have recognized yourself in all this unpleasant stuff? Firstly, don’t be so sad. In the 21st century medicine can treat almost anything. Secondly, find some occupation, which will definitely become your cup of tea. It can be yoga or pilates, fitness or dancing. Even if you are not very good at this activity, it can turn into your passion and bring satisfaction to you. Practicing as hard as you can, you will improve your body and will get more pleasure from your own delight and your friends’ admiration than from a million likes on Instagram. Thirdly, redirect your selfies obsession into something that you are passionate about. If you can’t give up the habit at once, do it gradually. You can start by taking pictures of nature, interesting things or just people in the street. Free up your mind, use some imagination and sprinkle everything with aesthetics. Experiment to make a marvelous salad consisting of beautiful moments of your life.

Don’t let social networks destroy your unique personality. Prevent yourself from becoming a selfie-zombie. Read books, create something new and live in harmony because it is considered to be the key to happiness.

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