Progress in Education

Morden educational system. Are you studying in this system, or are you still using the oldschool?

As students, we are used to the fact that five times a week we have classes where we analyze the educational material there, and afterwards at home we do our homework to practice it on the same lessons. Can you agree with me that it takes us a lot of our precious time?

Do you think your learning process with sadness? Don’t despair! Remember the time you live in. It’s the time of innovative technologies! And leading programmers have already found some solutions to make the process more enjoyable.

Have you heard about such applications as Blogger and Google Classroom? I’m confident that some of you have, but this post is mostly for those who haven’t yet, although even if you know about these products of morden education, but haven’t used them yet, you may find it of interest, too.

Let me share some of my personal experience, and start from the description of Blogger in the context of learning a foreign language. This app helps us to show the knoweledge that we get at University without leaving our flat or house. Before, we did not have an opportunity to do our homework online. And I can tell you, it is more convenient to post it on a blog instead of spending a lot of time during the lesson checking each student’s work at a time, waiting for your turn to read what you’ve written.

There are some students who cannot prove themselves in class for fear of disgrace or being misunderstood by their groupmates or the teacher. These students are not confident of their knowledge or they think that their groupmates are cleverer than they are. For such students, blogging is the best way out because it enables them to say, or to be more precise, to write almost anything you want to without being afraid or ashamed of the others’ opinion of your method of working (at least you cannot see and hear them). I also believe blogging helps students to overcome self-doubt. And after such practice you improve your attainments in mastering the material. I can prove that statement by citing my own example of blogging like this. Frankly speaking, my first blogpost was far from a success. I received comments from my groupmates where they pointed out all my mistakes, and there were a LOT of grammar mistakes, and the active vocabulary was misused. I was really ashamed of it, but it was useful for me as a student. My second post was better. Even my groupmates and the teacher noted my improvement. Though there were still mistakes present, they were fewer. In my example, I would like you to see that blogging is a good thing to use in our University both for advanced students and low-achievers.

As for Google Classroom, it became a new incredible know-how for me. In the beginning, I was completely confused, and thought that it was my end, that I would never understand how this thing worked. I believed I had a huge problem. But when I opened the application, in five minutes I realized that it was the easiest one to be used by students. After working with it for a while I concluded that it was so convenient to do all the homework on the Internet and do only classroom and learn new material in class.

If blogging is for everybody, and all your groupmates can read your work, Google Classroom is like a direct connection between only you, the student, and your teacher. I like it because nobody, except the teacher, can see my work, my mistakes, and this way of working gives me more confidence in what I’m doing.

Google Classroom is just great because all the information is well ordered, and the teacher can set deadlines for each assignment, which is really important and useful. To tell the truth, it’s rather stressful for my nerves when the deadline is approaching, but I understand that I should plan my time and do my assignments in advance. I also know that without these strict deadlines, I would do all the tasks very-very slowly. This application teaches us do our assignments in time and quickly, in other words, it helps us become more disciplined. I’m grateful for that.

In my opinion, it would be much better if we had an oppotunity to do our homework in many others subjects using these applications. My experience with Blogger and Google Classroom was positive and useful. Hope yours will be, too.

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