St. Valentine’s Gifts

St. Valentine’s is knocking at the gate,
And she is waiting for this special day.
Believing in inevitable fate,
Her dreamy soul is flying far away…

Joanna’s brown eyes are filled with tears,
She bites her scarlet lips and crumples a wipe.
Her memory still keeps the images of dears,
Despite the fact that they all live aside.

A photo getting dusty on the chimney-piece,
Depicting tender hearts so much in love.
Her husband looking at Joanna’s happy face,
deceased, unfortunately, and forever gone…

You wonder, did she really lose her hope?
And did she throw up weak and wrinkled hands?
Without doubt, the answer will be — nope!
Joanna’s life was filled with robust glance.

She started days with prayers to the heaven:
The woman thanked the Mighty for a chance to breathe.
And every time when she woke up at seven,
She let devout wishes be released.

Admiring pink sunsets, starry arch,
She tried to heal her heart so ripped apart.
The woman missed her lovely son so much,
Who was a businessman and worked so hard…

St. Valentine’s is knocking at the door,
This holiday brings happiness and joy.
So when descending from the second floor,
Joanna was amazed to see her “little boy”.

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