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Plug Yourself Out

Would the world be a better place without technology? What kind of life would we have then?

I wonder if you have ever tried not to use the Internet and cell phones for at least a couple of days. I bet you did not dare to plug yourself out. There is no doubt that the technology brings a lot of goodness to people’s lives. It is not only about your favorite web pages, PCs and cell phones. Technology is everywhere around us piercing through every minute of our routine. For example, we would not have beautiful nail polish, hairstyles, clothes and much more if the Earth were a tech-free place. We would not know anything about the Universe and our past. There’re so many advantages of being tech-savvy, but shall people place some limits to it?

 It is a fact that we are dependent on modern technologies, in a good way or in a bad one – it is up to you to judge. But as I think, no dependency can be good. Remember your grandparents who lived in a world with downplayed version of technologies that we have today? Were they happier than we are today?

Once I woke up to realize that technology ingested me. That was an awkward feeling, I must say.  And that was when I wondered how people lived in the past without emails, mobile applications and other stuff we are using on an everyday basis nowadays. It was then that I made a decision to unplug myself. I did not use a computer or Internet for a couple of weeks. As a result, I was left outside alone. Though I had much free time for studying and doing things in my real life, I was isolated from the majority of people I had communicated with on the Internet. So, when you live in society you have to fit in it. And to keep up with the reality, you have to be plugged in.

Technology is intended to connect people in the first place, but it is gradually drawing us apart from one another. It is a ridiculously biased feeling how we can stay so close together while being so far away at the same time…

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