Stop Gambling Before It Stops You!

Prokopenko Vladislav

Today I’m going to tell you about gambling, or as it is also called “ludomania”. It’s quite a wide problem all over the world. Many people can enjoy gambling without it becoming a problem, but over time, some people develop a gambling addiction that can ruin their lives. The researches show, that gambling addiction is very similar to drug addiction, for example the effect when you get a monetary reward is very similar to a cocaine addict receiving an infusion of cocaine. When your wish to gamble is very strong or uncontrolled, it is called Compulsive gambling.
Besides mental problems and problems with family and people around, gambling also leads you to a suicide! A 2010 Australian hospital study found that 17% of suicidal patients admitted to the Alfred Hospital’s emergency department were problem gamblers. In the United States, a report by the National Council on Problem Gambling showed that one in five pathological gamblers attempts suicide. The Council also said suicide rates among pathological gamblers are higher than any other addictive disorder.
So what can be the reason of gambling’s appearence? Some medical authors suggest that the reason of gambling could be its legalization and of course the advertisment. What about our contry, here is quite popular online gambling. To be honest I don’t know about bookmaking, but the sites of online casinos are everywhere in sites and even in movies. Whatever site you haven’t visited, whatever movie you haven’t watched there will surely be this devilish ad. Here are some other factors of risk that could make a person gamble:
1. Unproper parenting in family. For example when you’re very young and don’t understand many things in this world, your parents play the games of chance for money and involve you in it;
2. Matherialism. Such people are in bigger danger if the are gambling. Their greed won’t let them stop even if they always loose, they want money and they are not going to stop;
3. Depression. Sometimes, when people are confused and dissappointed in life out of despair they go to bar to drink until they spend all their money or go to casino with the same purpose or to try their luck.
As we can see gambling is a serious problem all over the world. Who or what can stop it? First of all gambling should be forbidden by law but than doesn’t go far enoung. Gamblers themselves should give up this activity before it becomes an addiction if their families and friends are more important for them than a slot machine or cards.

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