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What Can We Change?

Ann Kurus

When we are young, we believe to be powerful. Some children might have thoughts like “If I were a president, I would make our life much better, there wouldn’t be any war, and people wouldn’t suffer from hunger or illnesses that can be treated”.  However, when we get a bit older, we face the world as it is and realize that it is too complex. We do not think “everything is possible” anymore simply because it is not possible. And what now? The answer is pretty simple. Nothing. There is nothing we can do to influence this world greatly. At this moment, one understands that even if he became a president, not much would change.
We connect being a president with being powerful and being able to make some changes. This might be true but only in part. It is important now to understand that we can do a lot even if it does not deal with saving the whole nation. What happens to us during our life cannot fail to influence our way of thinking. On the one hand some people behave as if they had not got any kindness in their life, they are just too selfish. On the other hand, a child who got everything they wanted is unlikely to care about others that much. There are some exceptions though.

This means that the first step to improve our society is to start caring after some people, our friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Sometimes we might be ruder than our friends expected us to be. This just happens; we are not ideal creatures. However, we have to be able to apologize, to encourage people to do things they want to do, we have to tell them that they have done something in the way nobody has tried to and they have succeeded.
Even though there are many negative emotions and life is difficult, we have to be so friendly that people around us become kinder, too. At the same time, we should talk about our problems, too, only in order to solve them, not only for the sake of complaining. Be yourself; just keep in mind that you are the one to influence your life the most. If you improve your character every day, you will make your surroundings better. Think about it for a couple of minutes so that you understand the meaning of all of it. Isn’t it the change you want to make?

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