By Maryna Pereslavtseva

Nowadays it is very important to be educated. It means to achieve knowledge not just in a narrow sphere, but also to be ready to participate in a usual talk with your interlocutor. Our knowledge consists of several pieces, and now I offer you to decry such part as art. To see into art is the most difficult thing, it can rival only with science if I can say so. The definition of art is very doubtful. But let us discuss the highlights.

Firstly, we should settle the main idea of art. From my point of view, art pushes the boundaries of human thinking. It is not necessary to be a gallerygoer or proficient artist to pursue the idea of perfection or beauty. Art is something closer than we used to think. Gallery owners, art critics, art fair promoters, collectors excel at art and they deal with all peculiarities of art every single day because the evaluation of art is their job.
We live in art era when human’s ideas are free. Renowned artists exhibit their masterpieces because in our time art follows commercial aims. Photographers and artists’ works are evaluated not by an appreciation of audience, but with money. The purpose of art is to enrich our ordinary casual life. Humanity has learned to appreciate merely everything with first artworks. And today whatever you do transform into the art. Every single person can be an artist if he has a creative impulse to execute his artworks, what inspires other people for the creation of something special.
For example, modern flower salons. I understand why they became so popular. A lot of flower salons are very posh and adorable. Some people get used to thinking that to create bouquets is a very simple task, and they are so perplexed when they receive a receipt with the total amount like 500 UAH. And they think that it is too much for such a simple work. But let us look what is included in this amount. I create such formula for you to see, what is included: “pure taste” + “flowers’ price” + “wrapping” + “tape” + “time” + “patience” + “magic” = 500 UAH.

IMG_8704And now after the calculation, you can see that it is fair to put such price for the “usual” bouquet.

Secondly, I have already mentioned, that art became a commercial wave. I think it is right, let me explain why. Everything has its own value. And when a human decided to create something valuable, sapid, it is deserving of investing money into this stuff. It does not matter if it is a beautiful bouquet, well-wrapped present (yes, I think, it is a sort of art too), beautiful painting, delicious dinner, well-cooked steak with blackcurrant sauce, a book written by a famous author or by unrecognizable poor writer – this is art. And everything of aforecited deserves to have its price.
To sum up, I would like to say that art is not something remote or unattainable, it is something that is nearer, than you can imagine.

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