To travel, or not to travel- that is the question?

By Ann Parchelli

Why people are interested in travelling? During the travelling a person feels a number of positive experiences. They can be associated with different reasons. For example, with sightseeing, exploring a new culture or a lifesyle, meeting with  many new people. The majority tries to travel as often as possible, making this event as a part of their life.

The travel, even the shortest, can positively affect on person’s well-being and emotional background. People, who strive for permanent self-development, prefer to leave their native city or even better thier country at least twice a year. During the trip you can learn the new culture, get acquainted with the life of native citizens or try to join the mentality. All this helps to develop flexibility in relation to others and life events  in general. Traveling also teaches us to more active socialization and helps to connect with unfamiliar surrounding easilier. People who have a large social circle are less inclinide to depression and apathy.

During the travelling you can feel positive emotions, which tries to kill  your depressive thoughts. Also it is a good therapy for a person’s mental health. So, if you have an opportunity to travel, you should make use of it.

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