Era of Robots

Tkachev V.

The era of robots is approaching. It’s the result of scientific-technical progress. These mechanical agents were created to help people with hazardous work and daily chores, and, indeed, they are capable of doing many things. They can perform any operations, according to the program installed in them. For example, they can help with the laundry, do preparatory work for cooking meals, answer the phone, pick up objects, and even deal with radioactive substances. If we think over this issue, we will realize that we have already robots at our houses, because they don’t only come in the shape of an electronic man, they are also regarded as automatic machines for performing various work. Most household appliances are like robots: a dishwasher, a washing machine, a clothes dryer, a microwave, a blender, a vacuum-cleaner, etc. These intelligent machines help us on everyday basis, moreover, they have significantly changed our life to the better, serving us. Speaking of realistic robots with two hands, two legs and a head with built-in computer, these creatures might be very useful in the future. Perhaps, every house will have at least one robot to provide help with a repetitive, boring work. Other than that, robots can be exploited to do the most difficult and dangerous things. They are already sent to explore other planets or to explore deep underwater. They are used in factories to build cars and other electronics. It seems that the only way we can get such things done is to entrust them to robots. In my opinion, the future of scientific progress is impossible without them. I’m sure that humanoid robots with Artificial Intelligence will be used by new advanced generations.

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