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How to: Present an Original Gift to a Man

February drawing to its end, the time for buying presents is on. The men’s day is just around the corner, so it is high time we, pretty ladies, bought presents for our lovely ones. In case you haven’t bought anything yet, please, do not worry, because you still have the whole day to get everything done. There are few ideas and tips as to how to make your present special and not boring at all.

  1. Remember it all

Your memory may not be phenomenal, but you should just sit and think it all through. Try to remember what your beloved man would like to have, what he desires most or secretly (as he thinks, of course) dreams about but never ever EVER going to buy by himself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, and you will definitely have an idea.

  1. Go creative

They say that there is nothing better than the handmade present. It is very comfy when your finances are singing romances, too. If he has a sense of humour, you can strike with things like these  or  these.

Do not be afraid to be funny because humour and smart are the new sexy 😉

If you like, you can make the “wishes certificates” and go as creative as possible. You can make them in different techniques, you can use any colors you want and be free to “grant” any wishes. The choice of the certificates is up to you. Here are several examples for your inspiration:

Such a surprise can be used concerning your colleagues, too.  The wishes on cards may be as follows:

A day-off on February 24 (it is surely to be agreed with the boss, though);

Right to come one hour late without any fines;

Right to make your lunch time 1 hour longer;

Right to come to work dressed as you like (no boring and annoying uniform for a day);

Right to sleep for one hour at your working place, etc.

  1. Be foxy…

… and get him a radio remote control helicopter or a car. Because the first forty years of men’s childhood are the hardest, have no doubt that he will surely adore such a present.

So, girls, in times of rush and time pressure just be sure to keep calm and GET HIM THE BEST PRESENT EVER (but don’t forget about cute wrapping, though)!

P.S. I am perfectly aware of this holiday being celebrated on October 14, but there are still a lot of people who are used to celebrating it “in the old way”. So, if you need these tips now, then, please, do use them, if not – safe them for another occasion.

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