Post Valentine’s Day Post, or The Priceless

Just another dismal February day.

On my way home I come across several posters with lovely offers for sweet couples to spend the night out in a romantic atmosphere or alternative suggestions for the single to find love on this special day since it’s considered to be a ‘magical’ one. All the newspaper stands lure with red valentines cards, non-anatomical pink hearts and other bathetic ‘mimimi’ stuff. Love is in the air, love is at your arm’s length, just come up and get it.❤

How much does love cost?💸

“60 UAH for a rose” – a shoppy answers complacently.

“All the money in the world, but solely in cash and on the uninhabited island where wild animals, insects and unpredictable weather don’t really care about your currency and the US dollar rate” – my inner sceptic answers . – “The only thing you owe is just some paper for a night campfire.”

Indeed, love is priceless. Love is a source, love is fuel – use it properly, sell it and get your first billion. The more hurtful your love gets, the better the result of your sublimation is. Everything what you get AFTER has to be transformed into an idea X, a new concept, an enormous text or a lifelike movie. Only suffering turns your groundless hopes into something useful, something to benefit from.

How much does YOUR love cost?

Fix the price. Love is a feedstock. Love is an instrument. All these millions of followers on Instagram accounts, dedicated to amorous quotes of famous authors and notorious lovers, these infinite flows of passionate brides-to-be and their maids, visiting top-notch bridal salons, – they are a gold mine. Sell them the organization of a romantic date, a trendy bunch of flowers, a first-class limo or Cinderella’s carriage. Sell a romance comedy and a sad song about parting. Sell them an enchanting legend about the old St. Valentine and thereafter buy up a batch of scarlet heart-shaped cards – repeat the algorithm yearly. Sell hankies, antidepressants and vine at the bar. Tell them they just need to try, everybody has tried – they won’t get hooked.

This endless consumer interest is alive ’cause the consumer loves. His addiction is omnipotent and chronic as a serious illness. 

Love cries out loud: sell me, interpret me, falsify, wrench, devalue and sell me again triple the price.

There are only two opponents to this contemporary fancy – an illusive physical quantity, known as Time, and Non-conformity of your mindset. Choose your ally and fight or give a fair show for The Priceless.

Anyways, stay tuned 😉

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