A Woman Is Not a Commodity To Take Her Away

 Tkachev Vitali

       If a woman left a good guy who did not do her any harm, I think that she is a real commodity. Yes, it may have a high cost, but the meaning does not change. The main thing is that the material has won the spiritual. Which person is considered to be real without spiritual values? Although in our modern world it receives gradually a definite and full-fledged form in the thinking of mankind. Men try to measure their savings, women try to arrange themselves where they will not need anything. There is only one trouble: men are looking not for love, but for the thing for their collection which consists of a house, a car and so on. Later they can boast of what they have, but, in this case, women lose their moral qualities and feeling of love. Then, when the “buyer” is bored with bragging or has higher demands on life, he lives in brothels with his friends and temporary “purchases”. At the same time this woman, who “for love” went on about a better life, is sitting and thinking that her daddy is a goat, being afraid to say him about that in real life, because he will not give her any money later or will find another «commodity».
And what could be the guarantee for «defective commodity»?
I think that this woman is defective, because she has some atrophied feelings of love, understanding of life, and, most importantly, the understanding that money will not save her when she wants to stay with her beloved, or to feel care, or realize that she is not alone in this world. Over time parents and relatives die, and it starts the period of realizing her mistakes. She is alone. There is no one who will even talk with her heart to heart. Here it is: period of purification. In this period of her existence the soul is tormented in the throes of loneliness, thinking is eclipsed by the memories of the past, life seems different – lived in vain. And, it is the understanding that there is and there was not any reasonable choice. She lived her life like a hen at a poultry farm – she was fed with truffles, but she did not even see the sun. She was locked in a cage, albeit expensive. She has no children, because she did not want to give birth to them from the unloved. Precisely speaking, at the time when everything was just beginning, he was loved, but this love was not for him, but for his money. So, what is next? Nothing then. Nothing can be anymore, because the heart, from constant monotony and indifference, has lost the ability to love. That is when she remembers that first love which gave her those emotions that made her live and feel happiness in her young heart. That is «right» time when she realizes what a CHOICE is…

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